We are Paul Cowan and Jane Massey. We met whilst studying photography over 14 years ago and have been shooting weddings together ever since.  

We  love photography and everything about it.  We feel super lucky to get to do it for a career  and it would be a real privilege if you gave us the chance to capture your wedding story.

We believe that it is a real advantage having a duo photographing your wedding.  It  gives you a greater variety of photos, more value for your money and we can be in two places at once!  We capture the  moments, memories and details that you might miss through the blur and excitement of your wedding day.

You are probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of wedding photographers out there.  With so many different styles and packages to choose from, it can make it really hard to know where to begin!  

Here's a wee bit about us to help you gauge if we are your kind of people: 

We are both movie, art, food and music fans and we spend most of our spare time going to the cinema, visiting galleries, trawling vintage markets/salvage yards, cooking, drinking good coffee, going to gigs and traveling.  

Lets chat more about your wedding plans - get in touch here.

Our approach

We try to be as unobtrusive as possible, capturing the real moments as your story unfolds. 

We like to observe in the background (not in a creepy way!) rather than direct the events of your day. By mingling with you and your guests, we capture  the day as it happens.

A quiet,  calm, unobtrusive approach  also  means that you will be less conscious of a camera being pointed at you!

That doesn't mean that we will never 'pose' pictures. We are happy to give you a little direction or minimal guidance, but always try to keep it  non-cheesy and natural. But don't get us wrong, if cheesy comes naturally, then that’s up to you!


Space to be yourself

We know that not everyone likes getting their photographs taken, so we always recommend we meet and chat and make sure we are the ‘right fit’ for you both, and you can feel more relaxed and be yourselves on your wedding day. It also means that we get to know you better and can capture the specific things that are personally important to you.

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